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Get rid of spam traps and hard bounces with our full featured affordable email checker, as thousands of users depend on EmailVerify for real time email verification & email cleaning services.

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We analyze the emails to verify whether the email address is valid or needs to be cleaned. With a few clicks get rid of hard bounces and send only emails that really hit inbox.

99% Accuracy

We have protected your email lists by cleaning them to ensure they’re 100% accurate. An email address is your first contact point with your customers to sell your products and increase user engagement for your targets. Our solution uses the latest methods to ensure the most accurate emails from your dirty lists. No matter how many emails you have and how dirty they are, our goal is to clean them. So, that your emails can reach the inboxes and you can save money by sending only valid emails. 

Secure Email Validation

We check if your email was delivered successfully or not and apply the validation process. We validate your emails to ensure that they do not bounce and are not tagged as spam. We have certified methods for validating your emails at an affordable price.

24/7 Customer Service

Our team is there to assist you at any time regarding any issue which you face, and they take every possible step to avoid our clients from experiencing any inconvenience. Have a question? Our team has an answer, and we love hearing from our customers.


How We Verify Emails

Domain & SMTP Validation

We ensure that the domain name hosting the email address exists or not. All emails with inactive, invalid, or parked domains are erased.

Spam Trap Checker

Spam traps detect spammers to clean up your mailing lists, and we detect spam traps by analyzing email engagement of emails which are sent.

Disposable Email Cleaner

We identify and erase temporary emails that are used to create fake accounts and conduct possible frauds so, your emails can reach the target.

Catch-all Domains Checker

Domains that return valid for all emails are identified and by avoiding them, you can easily increase your open rates. 

Syntax Errors Validatior

We check the syntax to delete emails with incorrect syntax, saving your money and effort by delivering emails with only valid syntax. 

Hard Bounce Checker

We retrieve all email addresses that resulted in a bounce and avoid sending emails to addresses that are certain to result in a bounce.

MTA Validator

To validate MX records, we perform advanced checks utilizing the latest methods and make sure that your messages are delivered successfully.

Email Duplicates Remover

To avoid sending emails to the same address, we remove duplicated emails and save your credit for future campaigns. 


Flexible Pricing Options

We offer everything you require, and you can select the option that best suits your business demands and budget. We offer all at an affordable price.

Monthly Subscription

10,000,000 Emails


$0.0003 /Email

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5,000,000 Emails


$0.0004 /Email

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2,500,000 Email


$0.0005 /Email

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1,000,000 Emails


$0.0006 /Email

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500,000 Emails


$0.0009 /Email

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250,000 Emails


$0.0014 /Email

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100,000 Emails


$0.0017 /Email

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50,000 Emails


$0.0018 /Email

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25,000 Emails


$0.0020 /Email

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10,000 Emails


$0.0024 /Email

Save 40%!

5,000 Emails


$0.0030 /Email

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1,000 Emails


$0.0040 /Email

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